About RedStrip

RedStrip Media is a privately owned company established in 2013.  RedStrip Media is a multi-faceted media enterprise that offers media and entertainment products and services.

RedStrip Media (Pty) Ltd is a fully black-owned media company. A BEE Level 1 company, we demonstrate creativity, skill and hard work in our pursuit to be a major player in the media & entertainment industry.

We are a media production and services company specializing in Film/video production, Photography, Events, Web Development. RedStrip Media also has in-house graphic and 3D animation designers to meet your varied needs. We also own a variety of HDSLR and video production gear which enables us to film and meet a variety of client’s needs – ranging from corporate videos, commercials, music videos, documentaries and events.

Company Vision

To be a growing, and reliable source of youth targeted information resources with the aim of providing inspiring and influential media content.

Company Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a leader in media production and services. We seek to produce quality content in print, audio and visual media as we strive to inform, inspire and influence our environment. We demonstrate creativity, skill and hard work as we provide excellent media and entertainment production, as well as services.